4th    5th    6th  Religion              


                                                    Mrs. Kincke

  • Member of Sacred Heart Parish 43+ years
  • Part of Sacred Heart Elementary 35+ years
  • 3 years New Wine program earning Level 3 catechist certificate 
  • 16+ years teaching/14 years volunteer mom at Sacred Heart Elementary
  • Assist in the Accelerated Reader and Accelerated Math program for 4th, 5th, and 6th
  • Afterschool program assistance 4+ years
  • Work the Sacred Heart School Sunday night bingo 30+ years/Supervisor 15+ of those years
  • Taught CCD 4 years
  • Eucharistic Minitster/Mass Lector 11+ years
  • Sacred Heart Church Bazaar 43+ years
  • Raised 10 children/9 completed 13 years of Catholic School


Love being a part of this school and the childrens lives


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Star Student 

Katelyn Tootle

Jayden Cecil

Brandon Longoria

Sincer Crawford

Readers 3/29                                                                                                      Student Teachers                      

Savannah Grady                                       4th Natalie Stafford

Aiden Mowery                                         5th Jayden Cecil

Josh Gomez                                           6th Glenn Seymour

Glenn Seymour