Sacred Heart Catholic Elementary is accredited by the state of Mississippi. Therefore, Sacred Heart has adopted and implemented the Common Core State Standards.  The curriculum implemented to meet the Common Core Standards is closely monitored and is designed not to interfere with our religious beliefs and teachings, allowing us to educate all children with an affective foundation for life.  

Preschool and Kindergarten Evaluations:
Preschool students at Sacred Heart Catholic Elementary are evaluated informally by observations and formally by verbal, written and kensthetic performances.  Each student is evaluated the first two weeks of school, and the curriculum is adjusted to meet each individual child’s needs.  The teacher will evaluate each student's progress from a list of objectives and determine if the student has mastered the objective, working on mastering the objective, or the objective has not been introduced at this time.  

Elementary Evaluations 
Students are evaluated on their work at the school.  Some evaluations will be formal with a test and others may be informal with observations, project presentations, or class work.  Grades are posted in an electronic grade book, Power School (a data base software), and may be viewed online by the parents with a password provided by the school.   Teachers are to post grades weekly by following the criteria below: 
First – Sixth Grades Religion:
           50% Class work
           50% Test

First and Second Grades Reading:    
           20% Comprehension (one grade a week)
           20% Accelerated Reading Percentage (one grade per nine weeks)
           20% Fluency reading evaluations (four grades each nine weeks)
           20% High Frequency words (one grade a week)
           20% Reading projects (one grade a month)
First and Second Grades Language Arts:
            30% Grammar (one grade a week)
            40% Spelling evaluations (one grade a week)
            30% Phonics evaluations (one grade a week)

Third – Sixth Grades Reading:
            30% Comprehension (one grade a week)
            20% AR goal percentage for comprehension (one grade each nine weeks)
            25% Reading projects (one grade a month)
            25% Vocabulary
Third – Sixth Grades Language Arts:
            20% Class work (one grade a week)
            40% Spelling evaluations (one grade a week)
            40% Grammar evaluations (one grade a week)

First – Sixth Grades Math:        
            20% Class work participation (one grade a week)
            20% Homework assignments (one grade a week) 
            20% Math Facts in a Flash (one grade a week)
            40% Test (four grades each nine weeks)
First – Sixth Grades Writing    
            20% Class work and participation (one grade a week)
            20% Edited writings (one a week)
            20% Handwriting (one grade a week)(Cursive 4th – 6th grades)
            40% Completed Projects (one project a week)
First – Sixth Grades Science:    
            10% Participation and class work (one grade a week)
            20% Note taking skills (one grade a week)
            20% Vocabulary (one grade a week)
            20% Presentation (one each nine weeks)
            30% Test (four per nine weeks)

First – Sixth Grades Social Studies:
            10% Participation and class work (one grade a week)
            20% Note taking skills (one grade a week)
            20% Vocabulary (one grade a week)
            20% Presentation (one each nine weeks)
            30% Test (four per nine weeks)
Special Classes of Art, Music, Computer, Library, Spanish
            50% Participation (at least five each nine weeks)
            50% Projects (at least two each nine weeks)

    Physical Education
            100% Participation (nine grades each nine weeks)
A student’s absence will affect the daily participation grade and special class grades will be reflected on the Student Honor scoring system.
Special Class Grading Scale
100    Outstanding: Always participates, shows 100% effort and successfully completes each lesson.
  90    Satisfactory: Always participates, shows 100% effort but struggles to complete each lesson.
  80    Needs Improvement: Always participates, shows 80% effort and completes most of the lessons.
  70    Unsatisfactory: Refuses to participate, shows less than 80% effort and does not complete all the lessons.

Academic Grading Scale
Number Grade  /  Letter Grade
93-100                             A
85-92                               B
75-84                               C
70-74                               D
0-69                                 F


Conduct Grades
Conduct grades are reflections of a student’s behavior and are determined by the results of the behavior.  The following chart is to be used in calculating a conduct grade.

Checklist for Behavior (9-Weeks)            Conduct Grading Scale
No Checklist                                                          100
Warnings                                                                95    
Detention (One hour after school)                              90 
(Deduct 10 points for each additional detention)    
ISS (In School Suspension)                                      80 
(Deduct 10 points for each additional ISS)        

Conduct grades do not affect the academic honor scoring.

Student Honors
Sacred Heart has three levels of honors:
First Honors:      all A’s excluding conduct
Second Honors:   all A’s and B’s excluding conduct    
Conduct Honors:  an A in conduct regardless of academic grades

Promotion Policy
Sacred Heart Catholic Elementary School has established minimum mastery requirements for each grade level in its Instructional Management Plan.  The final decision to retain (or promote) an individual student will be a joint decision of the teacher, parent, and Principal with the best interest of the child of primary importance.  Promotion and retention decisions for individual students will be based on the following criteria:
1.    Successful completion of four of the five major subject areas in grades 4-6.
2.    Successful completion of the two major subjects in grade 1-3 (Reading and Math)
3.    Successful completion involves a numerical average of 70 or above in each subject.
4.    Consistent attendance at school is required to be promoted to the next grade.  A student should not miss more than 20 days  
        per the 180 days required for the year. Any student missing more than 20 days will not be promoted to the next grade level.  If  
        a student accumulates more than 20 days, and the majority of the days are from a medical condition, promotion to the next 
        grade must be approved with the discretion and recommendation of the teacher and principal. 
5.    Results of standardized testing may be an indicator when deciding student progression.  
6.    Maturity level, student progression, and willingness to complete work will be considered when making promotion/retention 

Projects Supported by Federal Funded Programs:

Title I
Sacred Heart Catholic Elementary School offers Title I tutoring services to the children who meet the criteria for tutoring services in math and reading.  The criteria requires that the student performed at 45% or lower on the previous years SAT test scores and is having problems working on grade level in the classroom in math and/or reading.  The tutoring is supported by federal funding and will continue as long as the funding is available.

Title III
English as a Second Language (ESL) is a program to help students improve their proficiency with the English language.  Forms are available at registration and are to be completed by the parent or guardian.  The forms are used to identify students in need of the benefits of the ESL program.  Sacred Heart Catholic Elementary provides tutoring services for qualifying students of the ESL program through federal funding and will continue as long as the funding is available.

Title V
Evaluations for speech/language or special education should be coordinated with the Principal and the student’s public school district based on the family's residence. 

Extra Curricular Activities offered at Sacred Heart Catholic Elementary
In the effort of developing the whole child with a foundation for life, at Sacred Heart we believe it is important to implement extra activities for those children with special interests and God-given gifts.  Other activities involve community services projects.  The main extra activity at Sacred Heart Catholic Elementary is the students' participation in a weekly Mass on Wednesday mornings at 8:30.  The children deliver the introduction of the Mass, the readings, the presentation of the gifts and sing in the choir.  

Below are a list of some of the extra activities and community services found at Sacred Heart Catholic Elementary: 

Community Service                                                                                       
Veterans Day Honoring of Veterans                                                                  
Hospice patient crafts                                                                               
St. Judes Children's Hospital (Math-A-Thon 1st - 6th grades)                           
St. Judes Children's Hospital (Trike-A-Thon)                                                     
St. Vincent DePaul donations for the poor                                                        
Ronald McDonald Homes donations                                                                 
Rice Bowls for the poor donations
Morning Star Pregnancy Center donations

Extra Curricular Activities:
Art Club
Band instruction
Voice lessons
Gymnastic Instruction
Lego League Team (Hurricanes)
Track Meet 
Theater Club