5th & 6th Grades

(updated 11th Dec) Ciao - Tutti   Cinqunta-Sei -                                              Mr. K's 5th/6th Grade



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Vocabulary Q2 V3 - test day 6th Dec: /sites/default/files/pics/rkearns/Q2%20V3.xls

Vocabulary Q2 V4 - test day 15th Dec: /sites/default/files/pics/rkearns/Q2%20V4.xls 

PDF Q2 V3  /sites/default/files/pics/rkearns/Q2%20V3%20Sheet1.pdf

PDF Q2 V4  /sites/default/files/pics/rkearns/Q2%20V4.pdf

Down Load Weekly News Letters: (11th - 15th Dec)                                                                                 

4th Grade:  /sites/default/files/pics/rkearns/4th%20News%2011th%20-%2015th%20Dec.doc

5th Grade: /sites/default/files/pics/rkearns/Math%205th%20Obj.docx

6th Grade: /sites/default/files/pics/rkearns/Math%206th%20Obj.docx


4th Grade  Weekly Homework Sheet: (11th - 15th Dec)       


None this week please check their planners.

Math Objectives for the current Q: 2nd  

4th Grade Math Objectives /sites/default/files/pics/rkearns/Math%204th%20Obj.docx

5th Grade Math Objectives /sites/default/files/pics/rkearns/Math%205th%20Obj.docx

6th Grade Math Objectives /sites/default/files/pics/rkearns/Math%206th%20Obj.docx


Upcoming Events  

Drama Club our first production went very well - thank you to all of the parents, students and family who came out and supported the Star Lights.  Our next production will begin in January/Febuary, we hope to see everyone there. 

Thank you. Mr. K.



Study Hall:  

(4th/5th/6th) Study hall is Monday  (3:15 - 3:45)  Remember to send a note each time.



 Student(s) of the Week:  


Relevent Data on Mr. Kearns: 


I have been teaching at Scared Heart since 2011, and became a full time 5th/6th grade teacher for the 2012-2013 school year.  Prior to taking the full time position at Scared Heart I taught for a year throughout the Harrision/Jackson county school districts.  



MA Humanities, specialization in History (Concentrations World/Medieval/Religion), California State University, Dominguez Hills, Thesis 

BA, Mississppi Educators Lincense (4th - 6th grade) - William & Carey University

BA, History, Major History, Utica College of Syracuse University

AAS, Instructor of Technology and Military Science, Community College of the Air Force (Master Instructor only 4% of all instructors reach this level)             

AAS, Information Technology, Community College of the Air Force  

AA, Liberal Arts, Harold Washington College Chicago                                           


Advance Leadership Training (professional education in effective personnel management of varying ages and cultural backgrounds) 280 hrs                                                                                    

Initial Military Educator Course (training in communications, lesson plan creation, counseling and fundamental teaching techniques) 200 hrs                                                                                               

Primary Leadership Academy (concentrated training in human behavior, communications, and motivational skills) 280 hrs                                                                                                              

Initial Leadership Academy (concentrated training in justice, multi cultural customs and counseling) 51 hrs                                                                                                                             

Certificates/Advanced Training

  • Mississippi Educatiors License (4th - 6th Grade) w/15 hrs graduate level work (15th Aug 17)
  • Scored in the top 15% of all PRAXIS test takers (required exams to become a certified educator)
  • Developing Objectives and Tests (writing objects, measurement devices & analyzing test)   51 hrs
  • Technical Writer Principles (advance skills in research, writing and editing)                       144 hrs
  • Technical Training Teaching Practicum (advance teaching skill beyond basic education)   180 hrs
  • Principles of Instructional Systems Development (ISD) (systematic process to analyze, design, implement education based around the process of continuous evaluation & improvement)  28 hrs 
  • Relevant Courses
  • Applied Educational Psychology
  • Reading and Studying  in Secondary School Education
  • Practical Teaching Methodologies
  • Methods and Curriculum of Teaching 
  • Elementary Grade Children's Literature
  • Exceptional Students