Bienvenidos a la clase de Español

Señora Busching

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Here at Sacred Heart each student attends Spanish once a week on Wednesdays.  Our Spanish program "Viva El Español" is a complete six level laguage-development program designed for the teaching of Spanish in the elementary school grades. It focuses on the children's world and stimulates their interest through physical activities, attractive visual aids, and appealing listening materials.  All of the components of the program are integrated to provide children with immediately applicable language related to the people , places, and things around them, thus motivating their desire to learn and giving them the confidence and willingness to use the Spanish Language.


About me:  I am married to my husband Bill and have 4 children. I was born in Buenos Aires, Argentina. I came to the  United States when I was eleven years old.  I lived in Jackson, Ms for 14 years and taugh high school Spanish at Jackson  Academy.  This is my 20th year teaching and my 3rd at Sacred Heart. I attended St. James elementary and St. John High School. Feel very lucky and priviledged to have gone to a Catholic school all my life.