Welcome to the Library!  Mrs. Barbara Ziz



We strive to make our Sacred Heart Library a fun and friendly place, with students from PK3-6th grade coming for classes.  The mission of Sacred Heart's library media program is to ensure that students and staff are effective users of ideas and information.  In keeping with the school's Mission Statement, our Philosophy, and strong desire to provide an environment in which Christian Catholic values and morals are the center, the library mission is accomplished by teaching learners to use skills, resources and tools.  Students use the library for instruction, research, checking in/out materials, leisure reading, and computer work.  Students visit once a week and return books the following week.  All students are welcome to visit the library on other days of the week, as well.  On Mondays and Fridays, students use a clipboard check out system to borrow books.  The library houses over 9,000 books selected for the needs of students and faculty.  Also, the library media center has four computers allowing access to Accelerated Reader(AR) and other websites.  Concourse software is the program used for the library circulation system.  

A little info about me:  This is my forty-third year as a teacher, with 26 years in the classroom and 17 years as a librarian.  I graduated from the University of South Mississippi.  I am married to George, and we have three grown children and eight grandchildren.  I am a firm believer in Catholic education for children.  Our children attended Catholic schools for K-12th grade!  We felt like it was money well spent for their futures and were proud to make the sacrifice to have our children in a faith filled environment for school!


Each year a new theme for the library and our AR (Accelerated Reader) program is chosen, and activities related to the theme are planned for students.  This year our theme is "Wanted Great Readers!"  We will have several "Wild West" activities planned throughout the year.  


Several times during the school year, the library hosts a "Breakfast Reading Club" for students.  In this club, students read a book together in the morning before school begins.  The clubs usually last 2-3 weeks, depending on the book chosen.  Then, at the conclusion of the club, students meet for breakfast, have an activity related to the book, take the AR test on the book, and receive a copy of the book for being a member of the "Breakfast Reading Club."  Membership to the clubs is limited to the number of books available, so students usually clamor to be first to turn in their forms for the clubs!  







Our Library Schedule is:  Thursday, 8:20-9:00--5th;  9:00-9:30--PK3 9:30-10:00--PK4; 10:15-10:55-6th grade; 10:55-11:35--3rd grade; 11:35-12:15--1st grade; 12:50-1:30--2nd grade; 1:30-2:10--4th grade; 2:10-2:40--Kindergarten 


Please feel free to call me at the school (228-392-4180) or email me at:  at any time if you have a question about the library or if I can help you in any way to help your child be the best reader he/she can be!!!  Happy Reading!!!!   Mrs. Ziz