Welcome to Sacred Heart Catholic Elementary!

Sacred Heart Catholic Elementary: where children receive a foundation for life; and families are welcomed and viewed as children of God.


     Sacred Heart Catholic Elementary provides a safe environment and develops each child through academic instruction, self-discipline, and Catholic Christian values. We acknowledge that a Catholic education is only one way to reach the ultimate goals of life. Therefore, the school shares the responsibility with the home, church, and community to educate the whole child by enabling them to become a mature, responsible member of society while building a solid foundation for life.

     Sacred Heart Catholic Elementary builds a foundation for each child’s life by the administration, faculty, and staff all working together, paying attention to each child’s individual academic instruction, encouraging self-discipline, and modeling Catholic Christian values.  Close attention is focused on each child's strengths and weaknesses. The strengths are nurtured and challenged as the weaknesses are improved through encouragement, self-discipline and confidence building activities for personal achievement. The students are encouraged not to work for medals or trophies, but to acomplish the self-satisfaction of achieving their goals by using their God–given gifts, allowing each child to shine like a STAR as we help them build their own foundation for life.  

We thank you for your support and interest in Sacred Heart Catholic Elementary and ask for God's continued blessings on all of us.